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Wiz Khalifa Blast Amber Rose On New Track – ‘For Everybody’ With Juicy J & Rock City

Juicy J and Wiz Khalifa

“I fell in love with a stripper, funny thing is I fell back out of love quicker. They don’t pay attention to the love anyway. They only concerned with what the haters say. Bottles be turning these girls into THOTS. Instagram turning these wife’s into hos.”

Ooooowwwweeee did Wiz Khalifa just take a shot at Amber Rose? It’s no secret that the two cannot stand each other and things are getting messier and messier by the day. The two separated last year due to infidelity after marrying in 2013 and it hasn’t been peaceful.

On this new track ‘For Everybody’ off Juicy J upcoming album, The Hustle, Wiz takes several shots at his ex-wife. Listen below and let me know what you think.

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