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WCW: We Salute Poet, Author, and Actress – Kira J

Kira J

“Queens recognize Queens. We don’t gotta be bffs, but I see you. I respect you. I respect your hustle. That’s real.”

Today we salute and honor poet, author, and actress Ms. Kira J as our W.C.W (women’s crush Wednesday). I came across Kira on instagram [oh the joys of social media] and noticed that she did spoken word. I instantly clicked the link in her bio and watch her “Good Girls, Bad Girls” piece – I instantly knew she was a special Queen.

“Good girls and bad girls…forever in competition. Always arguing with each other who’s in a better position. See, society forces them to judge one another instead of building with our sisters we compete with each other.

See the bad girls are out flocking to the financial stimulation and the good girls are out chasing their higher education, but they’re not noticing no matter what’s your drive or motivation our main purpose and elevation is to get out of this situation.

So rather you’re a bad girl or a good girl – we’re all girls at the end of the day. That means we go out there and hustle regardless of what people say. So rather you’re dancing on a pole or waiting tables for your pay, I think we just need to remember that we’re trying to make our way.

You see the good girl in school might not have money cause she’s got to pay tuition so she starts hating on the bad girl for having a better position. And the bad girl won’t befriend the good girl because she thinks that she’s gon’ judge her. She’s out pretending that she loves it when she just wants someone to love her. See to the bad girl, being the good girl is the only way she’ll get saved. And to the good girl, being the bad girl is the only way she’ll get praise. And I think if we just step back and notice that regardless of the name, those good girls and the bad girls are one-in-the-same.

I think the world and society around us are already too demanding, so as women it’s our duty to show each other understanding. We’re dishing out too many insults instead of compliments when we talk, look I may not have ever worn your shoes but girl, I understand your walk.

We’re all learning different lessons but we’re still in the same class. I say don’t ever judge a woman if you haven’t heard her past. Don’t judge the good girl if she’s broke cause she refuse to sleep around and don’t judge that bad girl-single mother that’s picking them singles off the ground.

I think we need to find that love and build our characters within. Women shouldn’t judge each other; we get enough of that sh-t from men. I think that if we look at each other as family and not just strangers and drifters, you’ll see those girls are not your enemies, those your motherf-ckin sisters.

I want to take away division and bring back sticking together because the bond we build in friendships is the one that last forever. So the message is this – at the end of the day, when it all boils back down…those good girls and the bad girls are wearing the same crown”

This is just one of many pieces that I absolutely LOVE! Kira J is a product of Harlem, NY. At such a young age of 23, she’s already an international author of her book titled, Naked. This masterpiece is composed of written poems that expose her mentally and emotionally. Her talent could not go unnoticed, so today we honor her. Her book is now available for purchase at Barnes and Noble, Xlibris, and

To know find out more about Kira J., follow her on instagram and subscribe to her youtube channel:


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