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[VIDEO]: Porsha Williams Claps Back At Teyana Taylor Over #Unbothered T-Shirts: “I Just Wish Tatiana Would’ve Consulted Her Legal Team”

Teyana Taylor vs Porsha Williams

Earlier this week Teyana Taylor came for Porsha Williams after she announced that her #Unbothered t-shirts will be available for pre-order this Sunday. After the ‘Maybe’ singer threatened to take legal action against Porsha if she continued to proceed with the selling of her shirts, things got very messy!

The Real Housewives Of Atlanta star doesn’t seemed bothered at all by Teyana’s threats. She responded to the t-shirt allegations on Dish Nation radio show. Hear what Porsha had to say:

“I always remain unbothered. I’ve been saying ‘unbothered’ and ‘fleek’ like everybody else on Instagram. Like she said on my comments, I do follow Tatiana or whatever. I follow a lot of people who are in entertainment. I try to support a lot of our young black women doing it in music. I had no idea she had a clothing line. I really don’t have a problem with her having a clothing line called unbothered because my t-shirt is just a t-shirt line. It’s not a clothing line. Furthermore, I just wish Tatiana would’ve consulted her legal team because then she would know that she can’t even trademark the word unbothered anyway. I just thought it was a little distasteful to put the comment on Instagram instead of DM’ing me. She could’ve just DM’d me and said, ‘Hey Porsha, I’d rather you not da da da da,’ and I could’ve put ‘pretty on fleek’ or whatever else. It was just blown out of proportion.”

Did you catch that shade? Porsha continuously referenced to Teyana as Tatiana and what puts the icing on the cake is they took the drama to social media. After Porsha posted a picture on instagram wearing the #unbothered tee, all hell broke loose. Tatiana Teyana uploaded legal documents on Instagram, proving that she has ownership of the limited liability company, Unbothered, LLC.

teyana tweets

It was only a matter of time before Porsha responded. With a little assistance from her attorney, Porsha took to Instagram to explain the difference between a trademark and LLC.

  1. The term unbothered is a common English term that is used by numerous clothing lines therefore Teyana will have to use the term long enough and distinguish her line enough to attain what my lawyer calls “acquired distinctiveness,” which means whenever the term unbothered is used with clothing we think of her line;
  2. There are too many other clothing lines to count that use Unbothered either on apparel or as the name of the main clothing line, including the company that owns, which makes the brand “weak”; and
  3. Nobody is scared of her “legally” or otherwise, she cannot blame anyone that she was ignorant enough to brand her clothing line using a weak mark that is used by so many other clothing companies and her crack legal team has failed to protect any rights she might have acquired by failing to file for a federal trademark registration.

porsha tweets

Oh the drama the drama! Since the social media war, both Teyana and Porsha have deleted their post. Let’s hope it ended today – which I doubt. Who do you think is in the wrong?

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