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Things are definitely falling apart in the Wright house. After hinting that there is indeed trouble in their marriage, Toya Wright has broken her silence.

As we told you before, there is definitely trouble in paradise when it comes down to the marriage of Toya Wright and Memphitz. Earlier this week, the couple took to instagram to share a few post about how they really felt about their situation.

After speculation began to surface of the couple putting on a façade to promote their rumored reality show, The Wright Thing, Memphitz went to instagram promoting the hype.

Toya later released a heartfelt open statement via Instagram confirming that her relationship is definitely on the verge of ending. She expresses how she truly feels about her marital issues, she writes:

 “Choosing to live my life publicly grants [you] the rights to it’s trials. It has been both a blessing and a curse, filled with both love and hate. Although I’m grateful for the yin & yang of the entire process thus far, that choice has unfortunately come at a steep price. My husband is a good man and what he is going through is bigger than me and your judgment. I will continue to pray and for those that understand, I do thank you for your support. And for the record, there is no show with me and my husband.”


It’s obvious that both parties are experiencing some serious hurt. Did Memphitz make his post to save face? It looks as if Toya genuinely wants this thing to work out and I hope it does.

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