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ICYMI: Toni Braxton Announcing Her Son No Longer Has Autism

Toni Braxton Announcing Her Son No Longer Has Autism-The Robin Rachae


Singer Toni Braxton recently sat down with Access Hollywood to share some exciting news that her son Diezel is cured from autism. He was first diagnosed at the age of three and Braxton immediately learned more about autism so she became an ambassador of Autism Speaks.

Braxton gives credit to her son for overcoming his diagnosis to the late Suzanne Wright (who is the co-founder of Autism Speaks) as she always gave her tips & programs that Diezel could get involved in. She also talks about autism and lupus on her hit reality show, Braxton Family Values.

Here is what she said about Diezel not showing any signs of autism:

“My youngest son, as everyone knows, my son Diezel suffers from – or I should say suffered from autism. He [has] no signs of autism.” 

Now that Diezel no longer suffers from autism, he continues to lives his life normally and he is now a social butterfly.

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