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Marion "Suge" Knight Arraignment

Suge Knight was rushed to the hospital after suffering from a panic attack during Tuesday’s court hearing. He pleaded not guilty to the death of Terry Carter during a hit-and-run that took place last week when two men were struck by his truck.

The 49-year-old began to experience chest pains while waiting in the lockup area next to the courtroom. Knight was charged with the murder of his friend and actor, Terry Carter. He’s being accused of intentionally running over Carter and Cle ‘Bone’ Sloan in Compton on Thursday in a burger stand parking lot after an argument occurred on the movie set of NWA’s documentary – Straight Outta Compton. Knight’s former attorney, James Blatt said that four people, including Sloan, attacked Knight the day of the incident, causing him to hit the gas and fled in fear.

His current attorney, David Kenner, said his client is very remorseful about the death of Carter.

“He feels bad that somebody that he knew is deceased,” Kenner said. “It’s not his fault.”

Michael R. Shapiro, Sloan’s attorney, reported that his client now has a mangled left foot and some neurological issues from his injuries, however he’s recovering under heavy security.

The Death Row Records founder is subject to appear back in court on Feb 9th. If convicted her could face life in prison.

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