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Suge Knight Collapses After Judge Nails Him With $25M Bail


This morning, Suge Knight was hit with some pretty bad news on his murder case. The Death Row Records founder collapsed today in court after the judge set his bail to $25 million in connection to a hit-and-run. An unconscious Suge was immediately rushed to the hospital.

His lawyer tried everything he could to get him off. He threw all kinds of jabs at Cle Bone Sloan (the man he ran over) repeating his statements to the cops that he “fu*ked Suge up” and even went as far as comparing Suge to Luscious Lyon on the show Empire claiming that the prosecutor watches too much Empire. “It’s like she watches Empire, and comes in and says he was an unrepentant and shameless criminal. Prosecute him.” Referring to the shows finale of Lucious being arrested for the murder of Bunkie.

Even after all of the low blows Suge’s lawyer pulled, the judge still sided with the prosecutor on his murder case and nailed Suge with a 25million dollar bail, saying Suge is a danger to be out, taken in accord his long rap sheet of incidents involving guns, violence and intimidating witnesses. Suge immediately collapsed and was rushed to the hospital.

Since his incarceration, he’s claiming he’s going crazy in jail due to being in solitary with no hot water and no blankets. It seems as if he takes a trip to the hospital weekly and now he’s “legally blind“.  According to Celebrity NetWorth, Suge Knight is only worth $200k and that could have a lot to do with reaction to the bail. Yikes!

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Well I guess the show he put on in court today will get him a warm hospital bed. That beats a cold cell any day. Check out the video below.

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