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Serena Williams Graces The Cover Of Glamour Magazine


Tennis player Serena Williams is slaying on the cover for the June issue of Glamour Magazine, where she was interviewed by renowned journalist Melissa Harris-Perry. This is Williams first time covering the hit magazine and she is covering their inaugural “Women Are Strong As Hell” issue.

In the issue, Williams talk about everything including losing for the first time, her plans on winning the game while in her 30’s and much more.

Here are some of the excerpts from the issue:

Her Take On Losing:

No one takes a loss harder than I do. In any sport. I hate losing more than I like winning.

Her Take On Playing While She’s In Her 30’s:

Who says that your thirties is when you’re supposed to be done? I would like to know who made that rule! I was talking to my mom one time, like, “Gosh, I’m 30.” And she’s like, “In your thirties you’re even stronger than in your twenties.” I didn’t believe her, but I have played better in my thirties. And I played pretty well in my twenties, don’t get me wrong! But my consistency is better, my momentum is better, my wins are quicker.

Her Stands On Having A Family:

Yeah. I definitely want to have kids one day. That’s something I’ve always wanted since as long as I could remember. And the older I get, the more I’m like, “I’m too young!” [Laughs.]

Make sure that you get the new issue on newsstands and online now.

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