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Scott Disick Is Willingly Going to Rehab


Things went awry for Scott Disick this weekend in Atlantic city. According to TMZ, Disick did multiple shots of Tequila out in the open and ended up on a nightclub stage on Saturday night. The reality star had quite a few choice words for his audience as he went on a drunken rant.

“I just got back from London and they told me I wasn’t allowed to curse when I was at a f***king appearance. They can suck my f***king d***…”

Disick ended his night around 8 a.m. where he was found stumbling in his hotel lobby barefoot. He checked into Rythmia Life Advancement Center in Costa Rica where he will undergo Iboga treatment. The treatment involves roots from a small African plant which is said to help battle addiction. Disick has struggled with alcohol issues for a while and even vowed to his wife of 9-years, Kourtney Kardashian that he would sober up.

“I realize my issues are bigger than me and I’m ready to truly remedy this struggle I continue to battle,” Disick said. Let’s hope Disick is serious this time. Check out the footage below:

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