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Plies Gets Slammed Off Stage By A Fan


Ain’t security biiihhhh….

Rapper Plies got body slammed off the stage during his performance in Tallahassee, FL on Friday night. Things went from 0 to 100 real quick after an invited fan was welcomed to the stage at Plies request. After Plies talked cash money -ish, he was then bear hugged the rapper and tossed him clean off the stage.

You can hear Plies warning the guy that he was too close in his personal space as if that was enough to save him. I guess the man felt embarrassed and too matters into his on hands. See for yourself.

Despite the incident, Plies still finished his performance as fights continuously broke out. The young man who started this mess decided to go home and explain the situation via various videos explaining his side.

Pause. Wait. Question. Did Plies think this couldn’t happen to him? What made him think it was cool to do this there? What that face look like? I guess “Sweet Pwussy Satday” will be reschedule. Ha!

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