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Rick Owens model 1

I guess there are no rules in fashion. The bi-sexual designer, Rick Owens, took fashion to another level as he sent his models down the runway in full-frontal fashion with their penis exposed.

Earlier today Rick Owens premiered his menswear fall-winter ‘15/’16 collection at Paris Fashion Week. The audience got a good view of the models penis and testicles as they rocked toga-liked garments with an intentionally cutout hemline to expose the nudity. The NSFW fashions definitely made catwalk history, as the models seemed unbothered by the breeze between there “knees”.

Owens has also earned an Instagram hashtag [#dickowens] for the risqué collection. Now I have a few questions. Ready? Was that man’s penis suppose to be swangin’ down the runway? Was this really intentional? Will you purchase something like this? Let us know your thoughts!


Rick Owens Penis runway 2 Rick Owens - Mens Fall 2015 Runway - Paris Menswear Fashion Week Rick Owens - Mens Fall 2015 Runway - Paris Menswear Fashion Week



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  • I have no idea where this may be going. Interesting that it is this particular week when Americans are obsessed with Brady’s balls, all 12 of them. These guys seem to have only two apiece. Just shows you how a non fashionista can grab on to a trend and just screw it up way beyond the designer’s original intent.

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