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P. Diddy Plans On Suing ‘Empire’ Producer Lee Daniels

Rapper/Producer Sean “P. Diddy” Combs is planning to sue Lee Daniels, producer of the hit TV series ‘Empire’. He claims Lee Daniels stole his personal life story to create the show. The hit TV serious follows Luscious Lyons, the head of the label Empire Records, and the members of his family, as they fight for control of the company when Luscious is diagnosed with ALS. “It’s basically my life except the ALS stuff.” said Diddy. “All the homosexuality and everything that’s pretty much been done too. They might as well have called it Breaking Bad Boy.” He continued saying “No stranger to lack of originality, they basically are detailing everything I had to go through: the shootouts, working with Timbaland, and divas going to prison. I mean, all of it. I think they might owe me some royalties. You can’t just put out the Sean Combs Biography without paying me and I’m filing a million dollar lawsuit.”.

These statements have many questioning how precisely does ‘Empire’ reflect Diddy’s life. Was Bad Boy Records started with drug money? Which lady in his life went to jail for him? Which one of his sons are gay/bi-polar and most importantly did he kill Biggie?….I believe it’s nonsense and Diddy just wants to be cut a check!


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