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Omarosa Named Donald Trump’s New Director Of African-American Outreach

Omarosa Named Donald Trump's New Director Of African-American Outreach-The Robin Rachae

Former reality tv personality Omarosa has a new title to her resume by becoming Donald Trump’s new director of African American outreach. In her new job, it is important for her to get some African American votes for Trump. Ever since, Trump announced running for presidency Omarosa display nothing but love & support for him.

We first met Omarosa when she appeared on the hit competition reality tv show, The Apprentice, where she became known as the  “greatest reality TV villain of all time” and the most hated on reality tv and even tried to find love on the reality tv competition show, The Ultimate Merger.

Here is what she said about her new position:

“It’s really an extension of the work the coalition has already been doing, so I’m very happy to take up that cause for Donald Trump,”

There has been tension between Trump and the African American community after he made certain comments. She is going to have a long road ahead for her because he is prepping for the Republican National Convention.



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