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North West Gets Baptized In Jerusalem, Khloe Kardashian Named The Godmother

North West Gets Baptized

After planning a family trip to Armenia, her ancestral homeland, Kim Kardashian West decided to take the journey abroad to visit the holy land of Jerusalem and have baby North West baptized.

Kim and North baptisim

22-month-old Nori West took a dip in holy water, accompanied by her mother Kim Kardashian, 34, and her father, Kanye West, 37, who flew in for the occasion. Kim told PEOPLE, “It was such a beautiful experience for my family to have North baptized in Jerusalem. Kanye and I are so thankful.”

Kanye West and North baptisim

The religious ceremony took place in the historic St. James Cathedral in the Armenian Quarter. The hour-long ceremony was performed by Armenian priests in both English and Armenian. Khloe Kardashian served as North’s godmother because of “their special bond”.

Khloe named North West godmother

Although Little Miss Nori slept through the entire ceremony, sources say she had holy water poured over her head and presented a cross by the church. Despite the critics, I think this was uber cute!

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