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Nicole Murphy KO’s Her Competition On The Cover Of Bombshell Magazine

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Nicole Murphy is proving to the world that she is more than Eddie Murphy’s ex-wife as she graces the cover of Bombshell By Bleu magazine. She flaunts her sexy body and is knocking out her competition. In the new issue, Murphy talks about whether she will remarry again, addressing the rumors that she was dating Nick Cannon, her new business ventures, and much more.

Check out the highlights from her interview:

On the rumors that she was dating Nick Cannon

We’re just friends. He’s a good guy but we’re just good friends. I see him we say hi, we hang out. We grab something to eat, but that’s about it.

On whether she will remarry

I’m not close-minded to it. Maybe, I wouldn’t mind one day but I’m in no rush. If it happens it happens but I’m not looking for it.

On the advice that she would give herself if she was in her 20’s

Don’t trust everybody, you gotta focus and believe in yourself. Don’t be fearful, stay strong, live your life. I think life is a whole big learning lesson. Each couple years you look back and you thought you knew everything, but you knew nothing.

Want to read more of this check out the issue here. You could check out her wine Destiny Moscato in your local wine stores and her fitness video is coming soon.

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