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Nicki Minaj Calls Out VMAs, Taylor Swift Plays Victim

Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj

The 2015 VMAs nominees for Video of The Year are in and Nicki Minaj’s ‘Anaconda’ or ‘Feeling Myself’ did not make the cut. As most celebrities are doing, Nicki chose Twitter as the platform to share her disappointment. In a series of tweets, Nicki Minaj writes about her confusion.

Do you remember how the cover art for ‘Anaconda’ alone sent the internet on a frenzy?

Nicki Minaj- 'Anaconda'

Nicki Minaj- ‘Anaconda’

Do you remember when the video for ‘Anaconda’ had 19.6 million views in 24hrs?

 We do and so does Nicki Minaj and her Barbz! As usual, statements are misinterpreted and to some, Nicki seems bitter instead of fed up. Although Beyonce’s ‘7/11’ video is up for a nomination, the Head Barbie points out how the music industry overlooks true influencers. More clearly stated, black women do not get the recognition they earn.

How does Taylor Swift end up in this conversation?

Taylor Swift- Shake it Off

Taylor Swift- Shake it Off

Well for starters, her video for ‘Bad Blood’ did get nominated and….that’s were it ends. Check out the two cents Taylor added to the situation out of the blue.

As expected, all hell broke loose on social media after Nicki replies to Taylor.

Over one million tweets discussing Nicki Minaj, she doesn’t want the true message she is expressing to get lost.

Many articles have been written, many points of view, many jokes made but the issue at hand is a serious one. Both women have a huge fanbase and an undeniable influence that could be used to bring about a serious conversation on the double standards in the music industry. Taylor either missed the point or intentionally wanted to distract many from the moral of Nicki’s message. We hope Nicki Minaj keeps slaying and get’s the recognition she deserves and we hope Taylor Swift gets over herself soon! #TheGlitzTheGlamTheGossip    

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