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New Music: Rico Love feat. Usher & Wiz Khalifa “Somebody Else” Remix


Rico Love, Usher and Wiz Khalifa get really vulnerable in the new remix to “Somebody Else.” The smooth ballad reflects on Usher and Wiz Khalifa’s high-profile relationships with Tameka Foster and Amber Rose. Wiz finds himself asking the question most people do after a heartbreak, “Will I ever love again?” hoping to mend that “empty hole” Amber left him with.

“Thought I had it, all the magic I couldn’t imagine / Then it all went tragic, automatically, I’m the bad one,” he raps. “I was only doing us, gave you everything, a kid, a house, and a wedding ring and now you talkin’ ’bout how you could do better things.”

Usher takes a slightly different stance on the song, wishing his ex-wife Tameka Foster can find love again.

“I really hope that she finds somebody else,” he sings, while adding, “She all about the commotion, I swear she got a heart of stone.”

Back in December Rico Love released his “Somebody Else” single in preparation for his debut album. Today, he’s back with the remix and collabs with the perfect duo to do so. The singer/songwriter and producer’s debut album, Turn the Lights On, is due out on May 19. Check out the track listing and listen to the “Somebody Else,” remix below.

1. “TTLO”
2. “Bad Attitude”
3. “Trifling”
4. “Ride”
5. “For the Kids”
6. “The Affair”
7. “Days Go By”
8. “Somebody Else”
9. “Run From Me”
10. “Happy Birthday”
11. “Amsterdam”
12. “The Proposal”

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