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Mathew Knowles Visits The Breakfast Club


Mathew Knowles sits down with The Breakfast Club and speaks on most topics brought up. He refused to discuss the stripper scandal and chose to emphasize his motive in life, which he says is to educate and motivate. He speaks on Destiny’s Child, his track record in the music industry, new book and much more. Check out the full interview below along with a quotable moment.

Charlamagne: How many times do you have to tell artist “You are not Beyoncé.”?

Mathew Knowles: Good point. We already have Michael Jackson, we had  Michael Jackson, we have Beyoncé. The industry is looking for you and what in you is different.

Shortly after he states, “You can develop talent, but you can’t develop, star. You can’t develop or make a star. I mean, a star comes through that room, they might not even be able to sing, but it’s something about some people that radiates to such a high level and it’s that inner confidence they have in themselves. It starts there”


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