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The Top Six Moments From Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season Five Premiere


Our favorite reality show, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is back and better than ever. This season is going to be full of twists and turns as some friendships end while others are just beginning.

We are going to give you the top six moments from the premiere that had us shaking our heads.

1. The King Family 

In the beginning of the episode, we are introduced to the King family who are the newest cast members and from word around town is that they are not to play with. We should see how this is going to plays out.

2. Mimi’s New Relationship

Mimi is back and in a new relationship but it’s not with either Stevie or Nikko but with a woman named Kris. Didn’t we seen this before let’s rewind to Erica & Cyn. 

3. Joseline Still Being Talked About

As we are getting further within the episode, Karlie Redd & Jessica Dimepiece make their return. We are also introduced to Tommie-who is also part of the King family and also dating Scrapp. As they are talking Joseline’s name came up and Tommie tells the ladies that she is great friends with Joseline but the Puerto Rican princess is in LA. Ladies, always remember keep your friends close but your enemies closer. 

4. Another Love Triangle Is Formed

Just as the love triangle between Joseline, Mimi, and Stevie J is over but guess what another one is formed but this time between Scrapp, Tommie, and another newbie Tiara-who she shares a child with Scrapp. These love triangles are always interesting because of the outcome.

5. Yung Joc & Lil Scrappy Are Living Together

This season, both Lil Scrappy & Yung Joc are no longer in a relationship but made the decision to have a bachelor pad together. They had a party at the house full of women. This smells like a disaster coming!

6. Karlie Redd Up To Her Messy Ways Once Again

Just as it seems that Karlie Redd well stop with her messy ways, she decides to talk smack about Joseline and even get in Tommie’s business about her relationship with Scrapp. Redd ending up trying to befriend Taira unbeknownst to her that Tommie is Scrapp’s current girlfriend. Karlie Redd’s new name should be Secret Squirrel. 

This season looks like it’s going to be interesting and tune in every Monday on VH1 at 8 pm.



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