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L’Oreal Paris & YouTube Collaborating To Start A Beauty Vlogger School


Cosmetic empire L’Oreal Paris is coming together with YouTube-which discovered some of today’s music stars like Justin Beiber & many others are now teaming up to launch a school just for beauty vloggers. This is the first time in history that a make up brand is starting a school that will be watched by millions of people.

The enrollment will with ten French beauty vloggers and they will start the classes in June. The students will learn everything from video production to audience development-which is a major component to vlogging that will allow the individuals to share their own unique & distinguished aesthetic.

After the classes are completed, they will receive a BeautyTube certificate. This will be documented in the form of a realtiy show. It will air exlcusively on the L’Oreal Paris’ YouTube channel. There are also in talks in also starting one in the US.


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