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Lil Kim Announces New Reality Show

Lil Kim New Reality Show

Lil Kim has announced that she will be having a new reality show sometime this year. Lil Kim may be small but she definitely lives a larger than life lifestyle. She announced her new project via YouTube yesterday.

Her new show, The Queen Bee, will allow fans to get an inside look at her working on her new album and new business ventures, all while juggling motherhood. Back in 2005, when Kim was due a yearlong bid in prison, BET documented her last two weeks as a free woman on the hit reality show, Countdown To Lockdown.

A decade later, Lil Kim is adamant about putting out a new album, since she’s been on a ten-year hiatus. We can expect musical collaborations with Diddy, new fashion endeavors, motherhood and more on this new show. Although there hasn’t been a release date of this new show, please believe it’s coming.

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