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Karrine Steffans Responds To Criticism About Her Sex Life


It seems as if Karrine Steffans, also known as superhead, is fed up with all of the condemnatory criticism from social media about her sex life. Last night she dropped a bomb on IG where she addressed the double standard on men who criticize woman stating “You can’t slut shame me bruh!”. She writes “I’m a woman and I can suck as many d*cks as I want, just as men can suck as many pu**ies and as*es they want. And believe me, they do! I’m 36 years old. You can’t slut shame me, bruh! Try that sh*t with some young girl who doesn’t know her worth is not directly correlated to her familiarity with penises. And even then, don’t fu*king do it. You’ve got all these men out here taking d*cks on Monday, snatching pu**ies on Tuesday, sucking anybody’s a** on Wednesday, licking their bestie’s nuts on Thursday, beating their wife on Friday, raping women on Saturday, praising the LORD on Sunday and you want to shame a woman for having sex? Get the complete fu*k outta here. And if and when I am single again, if I want to have sex like a grown-up, I will. And trust and believe there will be sucking. From both parties. And I have a strap-on named Pinky. Ask my ex-husbands. I will make a straight man love d*ck in a heartbeat and I’m not ashamed of any of it. I am a woman and I cannot be broken. Especially not over some d*ck, chile. Now, bend over and open up.”

She has a point about the double standard between men and women but do you think that her actions and behavior are still a little too over the top as a woman?






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