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Jordin Sparks and Jason Derulo

Singer/actress Jordin Sparks stopped by The Breakfast Club yesterday morning and spilled all the tea on her relationship with singer Jason Derulo. The two were together for three years before the split.

Back in September, Derulo took to Instagram to address his split from Miss Sparks in a very tasteful manner. Ish hit the fan when Jordin released a diss track “How Bout Now (remix)” aimed at Derulo off her “#ByeFelicia” mixtape. She gets real personal when dishing out some aspects of their relationship. She let us know what was really going on:

“Member I deleted all my other guys numbers on my phone for you.
Member when you broke your neck and I had to wash your back for you.
You probably don’t remember half the shit that i did for you.” 

And it goes on …

“Once you blew up, head got big and you started changing.
Can’t believe all the things that you started saying.
Like I’m with you for your fame and your name. What?” 


Jason Derulo instagram post

It’s been 5-months and Jordin has finally spoken about how the relationship actually ended. A few things that she talked about was the fact that her BMW that Derulo purchased her was leased, he dumped her without even telling her [shady], dating is very weird to her [ I have the same problem], Derulo lived in her house, and more. Check out the interview below:

Things got real messy once Derulo heard the interview and responded to the BMW allegations. According to him, the car was bought. He posted a receipt from the purchase on instagram with the following caption:

“Women Lie, Men Lie, Numbers Don’t Lie! #WhyLease#BreakfastClub @cthagod @djenvy@angelayee @jordinsparks

Jason Derulo BMW lease

What do you think? Did he buy the car or nah because I really can’t tell from this old sheet of paper. Miss Jordin Sparks thought this was hilarious and went to twitter to express just that.

Jordin Sparks tweets

Hopefully, the drama ends here. I’ll hate to she it continue.

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