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Daycare Worker Says He Accidentally Raped 5-Year-Old Girl During A Tickle Fight

Daycare Worker Says He Accidentally Raped 5-Year-Old Girl During A Tickle Fight - robin rachae 2

A 31-year-old man is being charged with first-degree child molestation after her was allegedly caught sexually assaulting a 5 year-old girl at a Normandy Park daycare.

Ian William Moore is being held in King County Jail in lieu of a $200,000 bail after he was caught fondling with his student. Last Friday, the father of the little girl walked in on the abuse when he was picking his child up from Kid’s Country Daycare.

The father found Mr. Moore and his daughter crouched behind a bookshelf. The teacher claims that they were having a ‘tickle fight,’ but the little girl told her father that Moore indeed touched her in appropriately. Child Protective Services were called immediately.

Moore admitted to touching the young girl but claims it was an accident. According to the court documents, Moore explained, “When he slipped on a toy as he was tickling … [the fall] caused his hand to slide into her panties and penetrate.

 The administrators at the daycare say they conduct an extensive criminal background check on all their employees. Many have already began to pull their children from this institution.

The victim’s grandmother also spoke out on the allegations. “It’s hard to believe it’s true. He was raised in a good environment. We don’t know of any reason [why] this is happening. I am very, very sorry if this is true … Please forgive us. I am crying for everybody, I am crying for the little girl, I am crying for our family.”

This case is still undergoing investigation and other children are being check out as well.

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