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Chris Brown Hosts The Pool After Dark At Harrah's Resort

Just when we thought he was getting better with managing his anger, even if it was for a short amount of time, Chris Brown strikes again. The “Loyal” singer didn’t show much gratitude or remorse after a fan inquired about his unfilled community service hours.

After having his probation revoked for the club shooting in a San Jose nightclub and with the delay of his joint Between The Sheets tour with Trey Songz, C-Breezy is reaching his boiling point. Since he delivered the bad news about the tour, inquiring minds want to know why is it taking him so long to complete the community service. One particular fan insisted on asking in hopes to find an answer but she got a little more than that. She tweeted:

Fan tweets about Chris Brown community service

Of course Chris wouldn’t be Chris if he didn’t respond like he did:

Chris Brown responds to fan about tour“Making music, jail, and trying to please you ungrateful bitcha$$ n-ggas!!!” wasn’t the best response being that these ‘ungrateful bitcha$$ n-ggas’ are his supporting fans or are they? Hopefully she’ll get an apology from him but don’t bank on it. I guess it comes with the territory. Despite the drama, the tour will still take place. Will you be attending?

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