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Being Lisa Raye Recap

Lisa Raye McCoy

Last week, Centric kicked off the season of the show Being and they started with Mona Scott Young who gave insight into her life & career. Mona is a true inspiration for women everywhere because she proved that you could make it anywhere. This week, it was all about Lisa Raye McCoy.

McCoy showed us a glimpse into her life as she talked about everything from her personal life to her career. She talked about her relationship with her family and the special love that she shared with them. Lisa’s father was murdered by his girlfriend Sheila & her brother. McCoy started out as a model before she transitioned into acting. Her first acting debut was on the movie, The Players Club. She also give details about her marriage and why she chose to not stand by his side when reports came out about him raping an 18 year old girl at a party. McCoy finally revealed what really happened between her & Stacey Dash on the set of Single Ladies.

As I watched this episode, I realized that me & McCoy have somethings in common like being a daddy’s girl, losing loved ones, and starting from the bottom.

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